Javed Akhtar Trolled For Sharing Old News

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Javed Akhtar Trolled For Sharing Old News :- Javed Akhtar has shared the Picture on Twitter in September 2015. Javed Akhtar is being trolled for tweeting about this incident on 20 October 2019. Javed Akhtar, the famous writer, lyricist and poet of cinema, came to the target of social media users after sharing an old news on Twitter yesterday. Social media users are not only criticizing Javed Akhtar’s tweet, but are also making fun of him for sharing such old news. Yes, Javed Akhtar shared a picture on his official Twitter account yesterday and this photo is of the incident of 2015 when a police officer of Uttar Pradesh police broke his typewriter by mistreating a typewriter named Krishna Kumar.

Sharing this picture, Javed Akhtar wrote, “This old man used to apply for the job of unemployed. His typewriter is no longer worth repairing. ”

On his tweet, many social media users started trolling him and started having some fun, one user wrote, “How many pag kar liye hai, a 4 year old case has been tweeted.” While another user has written- ” Javed saheb is old, I don’t know how to face fake news again. “Another one wrote to him,” It is laughable to put this photo of you, because you are a lover. “

Another user wrote, “Javed Akhtar, to my knowledge this matter is old and these uncles were given a new typewriter machine after this accident.”

Another user wrote, “Chacha o chotti ka chacha, this news is very old, a new typewriter for the elderly, a punishment for the policeman and an apology from the elder too.” Another user wrote, “Anyone One must think before tweeting. ”Similarly, all the users are responding fiercely to his post.

According to the information, in September 2015, a 65-year-old typewriter named Krishna Kumar was tapping on the footpath of the GPO of Lucknow to run his livelihood and in the process of evacuating the place at that time a Pradeep Kumar of UP police The police inspector broke his typewriter in anger. At that time this news had become very viral. And now Javed Akhtar Saheb is going viral due to this old news.

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