Apache is The World’s Most Dangerous Helicopter The Indian Air Force

8 Apache Helicopters with advanced Technology from the US will be Deployed at the Pathankot airbase near the Pakistani border.

The deployment of Apache at this airbase will further increase the strength of the Indian Airforce.

  • Apache is a multi role combat chopper.
  • The company has so far supplied 2,100 Apache helicopters worldwide.
  • Apache is the first such helicopter in the Indian Air Force to act as a pure attack.
  • The Air Force has been using the Russian-made Mi-35 for years, which is on the verge of retirement.
  • Apache is able to attack by penetrating the enemy’s fortifications and penetrating into its range.
    • The helicopter can fly at 293 km per hour and is equipped with an AGM-114 Hellfire missile.
    • These helicopters can operate day and night and in any weather.
    • They are capable of attacking terrorist camps built in high mountains and enemy army bases.

The chopper first delivery is ahead of schedule. The Indian Air Force will operate a fleet of 22 Apache helicopters by the year 2020. The AH-64E Apache completed the first successful flight in July 2018 for the Air Force. The first batch of Air Force started their training to fly Apache in the US in the year 2018.

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